WD-40 Life Hacks

5 min readSep 25, 2021

WD-40 isn’t just for loosening rusted bolts, here are some cool WD-40 hacks you may not have considered.

Use duct tape if it moves when it shouldn’t. Use WD-40 if it doesn’t move when it should. Learn all about these WD-40 uses and fascinating hacks to make life around the house a little easier.

Leftover Adhesives

Did you ever tape something and when you tried to remove the tape, the adhesive remained on the surface? This is where WD-40 comes in. Spray it on and wipe off (it may require a little elbow grease).


WD-40 works great as a windshield water repellant. Spray a light coating on the glass and wipe it around. You should have an easier time removing any frost or ice buildup in the morning.

Remove Crayon From Walls

If the children get their hands on the crayons and ruin your dining room walls, don’t worry about getting a new bucket of paint. Grab a rag and your trusty WD-40. With a little effort, the results will be spectacular!

Remove Gum

WD-40, with its viscous oil and hydrocarbons, is ideal for removing gum from shoes. As an added bonus, should you find a gob of gum in your hair, WD-40 can easily remove that gum with limited or no cutting.

Lipstick Stains

Lipstick is one of the most difficult things to remove from clothing. WD-40 can be used as a pre-wash to help lift lipstick stains from fabrics.

Rusty Locks

In addition to loosening rusty bolts, WD-40 can also work on rusty padlocks and keys. You can work some WD-40 into the rusted parts and with a little tinkering, it should loosen the rust right up!

Keep Scissors Smooth

There are few things more satisfying than a smooth cut with a pair of scissors. Nevertheless, scissors may become dull and dirty over time, causing them to stick together. Keep your cuts sharp by using WD-40 to smooth out the blades.

Clean Sneakers

In order to keep your new kicks looking fresh, apply WD-40 to keep dirt off, or easily remove dirt from older pairs.

Polish Silver

Silver dishes and silverware are beautiful, but the metal can easily tarnish over time. The same way WD-40 keeps dirt off surfaces, it can help you clean silver and restore its luster.

Toilet Bowl Cleaner

It is possible for your toilet to develop those difficult-to-clean stains and streaks depending on the water quality in your area. Thanks to WD-40, you can spray those down and remove the hard-water stains, as well as add a protective layer to keep them from accumulating.

Keep Wasp Nests Away

Summer is full of wasps and yellow jackets, but you can keep their nests away with WD-40. Spray under eaves and overhangs, and the insects will be unable to nest there.

Water-Resistant Shoes

WD-40 has a similar effect on your new shoes as it does on a windshield, so it will help keep them more water-resistant. The mesh parts will not benefit from this, but rubber and foam parts will definitely repel the elements better.

Free Stuck Legos

Have the kids complained that their Legos stick together? Spray WD-40 on the pieces and work it around a little, and they’ll come apart easily. It is important to wash the toys with soap and water before putting them back in the hands of children.

Cockroach Killer

Bugs keeping you up at night? It is said that WD-40 can kill cockroaches instantly with just a light spray. You can also spray a lot. Whatever makes you feel confident that they won’t return.

Better Filters

WD-40 can boost your air conditioner’s filtering power. Spritzing the filter makes it more sticky, which will help it catch more dirt and dust.

Remove Bumper Stickers

Old bumper stickers have met their match when faced with WD-40, just like adhesive residue or gum. A secret WD-40 recipe, known only to the makers because the formula was never patented, helps you remove adhesive from your delicate paint job.

Remove Road Tar From Your Car

As with removing stickers from your bumper, other damaging substances can make their way onto your vehicle, such as road tar. As you probably guessed, WD-40 is the answer to your woes.

Fridge Mildew

It can be a disgusting and pesky problem to have mildew in the refrigerator. It can seem like you’ve taken care of it, but every month it returns. However, it is said that WD-40 helps to prevent mildew growth. Spray the area and wipe it down. The oil should prevent mildew from growing.

Unclog your faucets

Unclog Your Faucets Using WD-40

For those of us who do not have a water softener attached to our faucets, hard water leaves deposits in the plumbing. As a result, you may find that the diverter on your tub spout gets clogged. It is possible, however, to loosen it up with WD-40 using its spray nozzle curved upward.

Keep the Bugs Away

WD-40 can act as an unnatural insect repellant. WD-40 around your windowsills helps keep creepy-crawlers away from your windows, according to many users.

Stuck Rings

Every once in a while, we end up with a ring stuck on our finger. When soap doesn’t work, squirt WD-40 onto your finger. Apply oil beneath the ring and it should slide off much easier than if you used anything else. You should try to limit contact with the skin because it could cause irritation with repeated contact.

Protect Your Bird Feeder

Have an annoying squirrel that is constantly stealing the bird food? Apply WD-40 to the string or shaft holding the feeder. Because his claws are so small, the squirrel will have a hard time climbing the slick surface.

Remove Water Stains

Water stains in the bathroom can be a sight to behold every time you get in the shower; regular washing, however, won’t do the trick and you’ll have to scrub tirelessly. In contrast, WD-40 can be used to remove those stains more easily and effectively than ordinary soap and water.

Remove Tea Stains

Humans should be drinking tea on a regular basis because of its many health benefits, but it stains surfaces nearly as easily as coffee. Give WD-40 a try if you have dark rings on your countertops that won’t come off with soap and water.

Spray Your Shovel

Have you got a hole to dig? What about a trough in your garden? Apply WD-40 to your shovel, spade, hoe, or whatever garden tool you use. The soil should slide right off and make your digging much easier.

Prevent Snow Buildup

WD-40 doesn’t need to hibernate in the winter. If your windowsills usually accumulate a few inches of snow, you can spray them down before a snowstorm to prevent accumulation.




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